Visiting FYC


The members of the Ford Yacht Club are proud of our club’s beautiful facilities located at the picturesque gateway to Lake Erie.  We are especially proud of the reputation we have developed as having a friendly and cordial membership. We welcome visitors from affiliated clubs.

Our clubhouse and marina are maintained by both the members and our professional staff.  Please help us keep it beautiful and well-managed by adhering to the clubhouse and marina rules.

If you are visiting for dinner during the non-boating season (Labor Day to Memorial Day), we suggest that you check the Calendar to be sure the Dining Room is open.  We always have a limited menu selection in the Bar area when the Dining Room is closed for a special event.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Clubhouse Rules

1. All guests are required to sign the guest book in the clubhouse.

2. Clubhouse and grounds open only to FYC members, their guests and
members of affiliated yacht clubs.

3. Members and quests are expected to conduct themselves in an
orderly manner.  Profanity or misconduct will not be tolerated,

4. Michigan State Liquor Commission rules will be strictly adhered to
and will be enforced by the clubhouse manager.

5. Smoking is banned anywhere in the Clubhouse and under the entrance awning.

6. Young children are not allowed on the stairways and balconies
without a parent or guardian.

7. Members and quests are not permitted behind the bar or in the

8. Minors may not loiter in the bar area.  However, minors may dine in
the bar area if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

9. Proper attire please.  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times in the
clubhouse.  (No bathing suits)

10. Pets are not permitted in the clubhouse (except for seeing eye dogs).

11. Use of the club conference room must be reserved in advance.  No
food may be consumed in the conference room and it must be left
in a clean, orderly condition.

12. Clubhouse washroom facilities are open during clubhouse hours.
Members and quests are expected to leave the  facilities in a
clean, orderly condition.


Multi-purpose Room Rules

1. Smoking is not permitted in the multi-purpose room or anywhere in the Clubhouse and under the entrance awning.

2. Minors are not allowed to use the game equipment unless accompanied by an adult.

3. Food and beverages consumed in the room must be purchased from the club kitchen or bar.

4. Please remove all empty food and beverage containers and leave the
room clean and orderly.

5. Equipment damage is the responsibility of the user and must be reported to the clubhouse manager.


Marina Rules

1. Please register your boat with the Harbor Master or bar staff.

2. All conduct will be in keeping with good manners.

3. No wake or excessive engine noise.

4. Boats entering either harbor have the right of way over boats leaving
either harbor.

5. Sailboats are to be operated under power within the channels/harbors.

6. All halyards must be quietly secured.

7. Charcoal grills may not be used on docks or boats.

8. Swimming is not permitted in the harbors or other unauthorized areas.

9. All dinghies, and PWC’s attached to boats in wells are to be raised out of the water when the owners are not on club grounds.

10. No running, biking, or skating on docks or areas adjacent to sea walls.

11. All children under age 12 must wear a P.F.D. while on the docks or
within 10 feet of any shoreline.

12. Excessive or loud music is prohibited.

13. All pets will be kept on a leash and taken to approved areas for their
exercise.  Owners are responsible for their clean-up.


Helpful Information

Downriver Cab Co.             734-283-8383
Wyandotte Cab Co.            734-282-2222

Places of Worship on Grosse Ile
St. Thomas Lutheran Church    734-675-0005
9993 Church Rd.

Riverpointe Christian Church    734-671-1420
24200 Meridian

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
21599 Parke Lane

Grosse Ile Presbyterian Church
7925 Horse Mill Rd.

St. James Episcopal Church
25150 East River Rd.

Airport Inn/Pizza & Sandwiches           734-675-4200
9264 Groh Rd.   (Delivers)

Bishop’s Cottage Cafe/Garden Cafe – Bed & Breakfast          734-671-9191
7573 Macomb

Hoy Pan Chinese                     734-671-4920
7599 Macomb

Hungry Howies/ Pizza & Subs          734-675-5800
8535 Macomb

Ile Coney/ Coney Island          734-692-6639
8200 Macomb

Kathy’s Cafe/ Restaurant         734-671-0059
9105 Macomb

Lloyd’s/ Bar & Grill                 734-675-3117
8961 Macomb

Mochavation Cafe                   734-676-2221
8537 Macomb

Perdino’s Restaurant                734-676-8100
8575 Macomb

Starbucks(in Kroger’s)/ Coffee

Vitale’s Restaurant/Pizza          734-675-7888
8905 Macomb    (Delivers)
Grosse Ile Bakery                    734-675-1255

Kroger’s Grocery                     734-675-2070
8999 Macomb

Mike’s Marine Supply              734-675-5150
28731 N. Gibralter Rd
Gibralter, Mi

Nates Market – Groceries        734-676-6283
7560 Macomb

Sav-On Drugs                          734-676-6000
8985 Macomb

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